Our Services

:Advice and guidance in selecting components and solutions


   1. Sale of antennas on demand and Characterization

   2. RF Connectors

   3. RF consulting and design


Analog & Digital

   1. Setting power supplies according to energy requirements

   2. Guidance of selecting Power solution

   3. Controller  for Industry

R&D and Manifacturing

    1. Electronics Design

    2. Production manufacturing  and Assembly

    3. Product Portfolio

    4. Assembly services include manual soldering 

    5. QC Services

    6. Process Control

    7. Accompanying the production and certification of suppliers

Solar Solution

    1. Characterization and solar Requirements Planning

    2. Sale of solar equipment



Electronics Devices and components 

   1. Sale of RF Components 

   2. Solar Cell

   3. Batteries 

   4. Electric components 

   5. Industrial controllers

   6. Cables

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