R&D and Manufacturing 

  1. Electronics Design 

  2. Production manufacturing  and Assembly 

  3. Product Portfolio

  4. Assembly services include manual soldering

  5. QC Services 

  6. Process Control

  7.Accompanying the production and certification of suppliers


Lead NPI LIFE CYCLE according DFX start from PROTO/PILOT builds for SMT and product assembled including RAMP-UP and product release for production.

Lead product development stage and mange PDR, CDR, DR & PRR

Implement SIX SIGMA tools (D/FMEA, GR&R and etc.)

Build production Line using LEAN MANUFACTIRING tools.

Build Quality array and Audit Suppliers according ISO 9001/13485.

Build Engineering & Operational arrays and process.

Following and checking CAPA implementation internally and with customers

Lead companies to achieve the KPI.


We will build and lead your product for quality success

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